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Lince plus is a multiplatform software for behaviour research based on java within a web context and an statistical flavour

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Lince plus is a project under development through a Phd study with the collaboration of Inefc Catalunya.

About Lince

Lince is a visualization tool for research, that let’s you analyze data and organize your study

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System requirements


Important: MacOS users

20/02/2020 Since the update of MacOS Catalina YOU NEED TO ENABLE MAC OS EXTERNAL SOFTWARE to install Lince. We are working on the licensing issue, but, until it´s solved you must follow this procedure: Install uncertified software.

Current version 1.3.0 RELEASE


Previous versions

Bugs or problems? No problem

Use our bug system to report any problem at bug reporting



Lince Plus installer is build using Install4J multi-platform installer builder thanks to their license support for Open source projects.

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